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Due to the ATG’s dual representative and liaising function, our organisation is structured in order to maintain a presence both within our profession and with Government departments, as well as foster consultation and collaboration with and between the profession, the lawmakers and all stakeholders including the general public.

The ATG committee would like to thank all the professional tattooists who have and continue to offer their invaluable advice, insight and support. Special thanks to Luke Braniff, Duane Cash, Jenny Roach, Nicole Draeger, Matthew Cunnington, Miriam Dabbs, Rhys Gordon, Evan Griffiths, Laurence Hocking, Jane Laver, Teniele Sadd,Adam Kitamoto, Kieran Tyrell.


The ATG have an ongoing and larger vision for the future of the tattoo community. We aim to host an amazing platform for tattooists to work together, not only to benefit from our shared knowledge and resources but also to protect our unique industry. It is the Guilds vision to provide opportunities for professional tattooists whereby a transparent dialogue can be held and subsequent action taken to tackle the many issues that exist and creatively pave the way for future progression of the trade within Australia.


We aim to serve the people who tattoo, and get tattooed, within Australia through: education, creating high standards of art, technical skill and health and safety within the proffesion. We work with government to ensure that tattoo licensing and policy protects the health and safety of the public without burdening small businesses.


The ATG has a Duty of Care and Code of Professional Conduct in which to guide professional tattoo artists in their standards of practice.

These are available here:

Duty of Care Statement

Code of Professional Conduct


We unite the profession, helping members across State borders stay in touch with legislative and regulatory developments through posts on the website, emails, txt's and through the Guild’s Facebook page. Our members are experienced professional tattoo artists from every State who actively support and contribute to this process.

Australian Tattooists Guild

P.O. Box 237, Brunswick West, Melbourne, Victoria, 3055.

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