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  • 23 Jun 2018 11:38 AM | Kieran Tyrrell (Administrator)

    A big thankyou to Tashi Edwards, Rhys Gordon and Matt Cunnington for representing the Tattooing Profession at the Senate Inquiry into Red Tape.
    Topics covered included insurance, guest artists, cross contamination, excessive paperwork and so on.

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  • 13 Dec 2017 2:38 PM | Kieran Tyrrell (Administrator)

    The QLD Health Department have sought the perspective of the ATG on controls currently being considered by the European Chemicals Agency (ECA).

    If interested Members would review the reports and recommendations so a discussion regarding the appropriate response by the ATG could be conducted.

    Links to several reports which are being considered by the ECA can be found via this link, on the right hand side of page.


    With the recommendations being outlined in this final report:


  • 13 Dec 2017 2:36 PM | Kieran Tyrrell (Administrator)

    NSW- Update to Public Health Act 2010

    A number of changes have occurred to the NSW Public Heath Act as a result of the Public Health Amendment (Review) Act 2017.

    A new section 39A, of the Act will make it an offence for anyone other than a medical practitioner, or other person prescribed by the regulation to preform eyeball tattooing.

    For further information on other changes which may be relevant to any member who preforms piercings see the website listed below.

    Thank you to members who provided input into this topic on a previous post that informed our input into this review.


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