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As an professional body representing Australian Tattooers, the ATG must consult with appropriate stakeholders which include its members, the wider industry and the public.

We use these forms of consultation:



For members, our consultation is done through: direct email, face-to- face consultation (via meetings or one on one consultation), mass txt messages and through the ATG members Facebook page (the access of which is limited to ATG Professional and Honorary Members). We also regularly make requests for submissions and/or impact statements regarding specific legislation or regulatory changes to the wider profession and where relevant the general public.

Please see details below on how to submit.



For the wider community – those professional tattooists who are not members of the ATG – we offer the opportunity for submissions in regard to legislative or regulatory issues via the ATG Facebook public page or directly by email or personal meetings.

The ATG also conducts open meetings for members of the profession in capital cities where any professional tattooist can attend and contribute to the ongoing discussion about legislation and regulation within their State. Even though all States are regulated in some way, the regulation and legislation varies greatly from State to State and so the ATG is always seeking submissions from any professional tattooist in any State in regard to problems or inadequacies of existing legislation, regulation or administration. 

We dont only talk about Government Legislation! If you perceive that there is something you wish to bring to our attention or you simply would like to know more about the work we do then contact us at atgartists@gmail.com! 

Please see HOW TO SUBMIT below for more details.


For the general public we offer people the opportunity to express their concern or experience regarding tattooing within their State directly to the ATG through the ATG public Facebook page, or through the email contacts on the ATG website. Occasionally we will ask for direct feedback for a specific concern on the ATG public Facebook page. If you are a member of the general public and have a concern regarding a specific tattoo practice within your State, or an experience you’ve had please see below.



If you are a professional tattooist, ATG member or a member of the public and wish to give a submission regarding the regulation and legislation within your State or a personal experience that reflects on these, please email it to: aus.t.g.contact@gmail.com

Submissions must contain:

Your name, business or personal address and contact email address, and be signed if it is to be submitted by the ATG to any Government department for consideration on any matter.

Your view about the particular matter, including any specific concerns or experiences which reflect on your view.

Any suggestions regarding how the matter could be resolved, whether that be by educational or cultural changes, legislation, administration or regulatory changes.


Unless specified by the submitter, responses to general concerns – regulatory, legislative or administrative – will only be published as statistics or quoted comments and will not identify the submitter.

If you choose to have your detailed submission published in full in any ATG report to government, your name, business address and contact email along with a dated signature must be on the submission.

If necessary, the ATG may at its discretion redact or not publish submissions that contain accusations about specific individuals, offensive language or irrelevant material.

If you have any concerns regarding the information you are providing in a submission, please read our Privacy Policy here.

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